25 Selected SME's

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Energy, Utilities & Raw Materials

AAA Efficiency AG

The E-Generators developed by AAA Efficiency (AAA) open up one of the greatest opportunities of the 21st century. With the proven and patented electric solution, AAA Efficiency already produces clean energy from an inlet pressure of 0.5 bar and is striving to become one of the largest decentralized energy producers.

AAA offers several competitive advantages:

  • 10 years of research and development.
  • More than 10 submitted patents (property right in a multitude of countries) and further pending patents secure the know-how.
  • Enormous CO2 savings – one E-Generator saves up to 26,000 t CO2 in its lifespan.
    With 2.3 cent production costs for electricity per kWh cheaper than other renewable energies.

Energy, Utilities & Raw Materials


AI4 (trade name: WeSmart) is a committed company, bringing together a team of employees with a high degree of expertise in managing complex data and a strong commitment to serve worthwhile causes.
We have decided to focus on using data to solve the environmental problems, in particular in the field of energy, climate change and the sustainable city.
AI4 proposes in particular :
– predictive intelligence software applied to energy and mobility, gathered on the WeSmart platform
– a tailor-made consulting offer from data scientists specialising in energy, mobility and logistics
The WeSmart platform enables in-depth analysis of energy data, from mobility, logistics, in particular data from the Internet of Things. Collection, data analysis and interpretation allows for more intelligent resource management.
WeSmart targets the B2B market in the industrial, logistics, real estate and utilities.
Our goal is to continue the development of the software system by further developing the predictive features based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), and to enhance the predictive the support of customers around our platform by our data scientists.
We have placed a strong emphasis on the technological core, namely the development of R&D and intellectual property.

Government & Smart Cities

Blockchain Partner

Blockchain Partner (the SME Applicant) is the French leader in blockchain development. The startup helps companies (EDF, Aéroports de Paris…) and public institutions (Banque de France, State of Geneva…) to explore and deploy these technologies, drawing on a range of expertise – strategy, technique, legal – unique in France.

Our partner (a Service Provider) is Losinger Marazzi, one of the major players in smart cities and construction in Switzerland. As a company focused on innovation, Losinger Marazzi is building smart and sustainable infrastructure to meet the demands of an ever more complex, interconnected, and mobile society.

In the first quarter of 2020, we develop, with our partner,  a fully functional decentralized voting solution named EKLESIA. This solution will be used to implement local governance in an eco-neighborhood, based on the concepts of direct and liquid democracy. This eco-neighborhood is developed and built by Losinger Marazzi, and they will provide the citizens with a toolbox for governance, including this decentralized voting solution.

Financial & Insurance Services

BlockFacts Ltd.

BlockFacts is a financial data API & analytics provider: with a unified, real-time data API, customisable analytics terminal and blockchain access – for professional traders, quants and funds.

Government & Smart Cities

Caelum Labs

Caelum Labs is a blockchain research & development company focused on decentralized, privacy, and identity solutions. Our mission is to improve the internet and computing by working on the field of digital identity and privacy ready solutions. Now we are building LORENA

Social Good

Datarella GmbH

Datarella is an established provider of Industrial Blockchain Solutions. The company was founded in 2013 with its headquarter in Munich. 

Datarella develops bespoke Blockchain-based innovations for and with their clients and partners. The Company offers a full range of consulting, development and implementation services for complex Blockchain solutions.

Transport & Logistics

DBE Core Ltd

DBE Core Ltd is an ecosystem company startup, solving the decades long problem of information exchange between companies. DBE Core provides the Core Platform (Network as a Service) to share supply chain documents between buyers and suppliers – started from purchase order, order confirmation and purchase invoices, continuing for logistics messages. The service is powered by Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain technology. Core Platform connects systems of companies to each other in a new exact way, also by using Core Portal as a user interface to Core Platform. (see video)


It has become globally evident that we need a new level of real-time information solidity in-between companies, and the solution should be distributed, not centralized. The global business potential of automating today’s manual email-based business processes in-between companies can be calculated in tens of Billions Euros. The problem is also generic across industries and public sector. The Core Platform solution is based on extensive research, being the first generic Network as a Service (NaaS) ever made; providing neutrality, trust, and enables continuous seek for efficiency in various fields, as our Blockpool project demonstrates.

Financial & Insurance Services

Finoa GmbH

Finoa offers Digital Asset custody and asset-servicing solutions for professional and institutional investors.

Finoa keeps your Digital Assets accessible while cryptographically secured through its unique “Warm Storage” technology. Finoa enables the full range of financial services for Digital Assets: Custody, Staking and Trading, all-in-one platform to maximize returns anytime from anywhere. All services are also made accessible through a robust and easy-to-integrate RESTful API.

Finoa is granted a preliminary crypto-asset custody license approval as qualified custodian (§64y Para. 1 KWG) and will be supervised by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

Energy, Utilities & Raw Materials

Green b2e business to Energy

GREENNOVATION is an innovative project that combines renewable energy, sustainability and new technologies which can be extrapolated to any product or company.

Our main goal is to support companies and institutions to achieve a sustainable future. Using blockchain technology, we developed a platform that allows users to assess and keep track of the Energy produce by mean of renewable energy and the emissions of CO2 avoided due to efficiency management actions implemented in a company.

Industrial Products, Agriculture & Manufacturing


Kalmia Ltd. has been founded in the year of 2014, with the vision to deliver success to the customers in areas of digitalisation and innovation.
We offer turnkey solutions with our custom development services that also include blockchain development.
We contribute our own innovations and knowledge by helping our customers choose the best technologies, building a product, designing software architecture and implementing great user experience.

Industrial Products, Agriculture & Manufacturing

Lelieur BV

Fighting Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) Fishing


Belgian SME specialised in the analysis of VIIRS, Optical and SAR imagery together with AIS/VMS signals cross-referencing the Global Record of Fishing Vessels to detect and combat illegal fishing.

Financial & Insurance Services


Morfin is a token issuing platform for micro economies, offering a gamification layer on top of the financial layer. Use cases include employee engagement and rewards, family financial management and education or customer engagement and rewards. External integrations include public blockchains, video games and time management systems. Each micro economy has an issuer, a pool of consumers and an optional pool of partners. The issuer can create tokens, tasks and rewards. The issuer distributes the currency to the consumers, and redeems it against money or rewards. The consumers can earn, receive, send or spend tokens. The partners can sell goods or services for tokens to the consumers and redeem the tokens for money from the issuer.

Retail, Consumer & Media


Motoblockchain is the Digital Identity platform for motorcycles and riders: we digitalize the history of the motorcycles and we use Blockchain to guarantee his immutability in time. The aim of MBC is to provide a privacy by design platform able to create trustworthiness between motorcycle owners.

Motoblockchain offers a Motorcycle Digital Identity based on privacy by design and DLT technologies: it collects the documentation about the history of the motorcycles and stores it into Blockchain, while giving to the user full control over it in a full GDPR compliant system.

With Motoblockchain, owners can save all the information related with motorcycle’s life into Blockchain: owner’s history, mileage in time, invoices and money invested in modifications, accessories, improvements, revisions, as well as all the photos of the related components. Every user can decide the level of privacy of each document, he can decide with whom to share it and finally he can use it to create trust with the buyer so generating added value during the sales process.The Digital Identity created is inherited by the new owner after that the motorcycle sales ends.

We can help the entire ecosystem in protecting the ownership of the information, in avoiding the asymmetry of the information, in creating trusted relationship, in generating value from the information, in avoiding frauds and in protecting user and motorcycle data. We bring distributed trust, thanks to large scale decentralization and data integrity.

Financial & Insurance Services


We are a trade finance platform for SMEs importers/exporters backed by blockchain technology (R3 Corda). We help SMEs exporters who are suffering long payment terms from large importers with no alternative solution from their banks of home market and SMEs importers who do not have sufficient capital to pay advance payment to their suppliers from overseas. 

We work with R3 Corda on verifying the authenticity of the cross-border trade invoices and letter of credits as well as speeding up the payment decision to exporters/importers helping them to eliminate account receivables and Improve their working capital positions. 

We are also moving risk across by selling the account receivables digital assets to the capital markets by doing securitisation (Performing Loan Assets).

Transport & Logistics

Parity Platform P.C.

Parity Platform is a tech SME that develops web and mobile apps to accelerate transition to cleaner energy. The company is developing LOADER, an EV charging station management app in cooperation with Electrified.gr, a company that installs of EV charging station in Greece. 

The app is used to manage multiple charging stations in Attica Region, Greece. Previously the SME developed a platform that streamlines incorporation, financing and administration of Energy cooperatives, utilized by Good Energy Cooperative in Greece. Parity has received financial support from The People’s Trust and EIT Climate KIC and participates in Be finnovative 3.0, a program implemented by National Bank of Greece

Government & Smart Cities

Primtec GmbH

Originally founded in 2005 as RFIDInnovations, primtec has many years of technical experience in providing a wide range of complete solutions in automation, logistics, track & trace and inventory.

We optimise company processes based on proven and also cutting-edge technologies, such as RFID, barcode, IoT, machine learning, computer vision and many more.
Based on individual enquiry of our customers, we will be pleased to consult them and design a tailor-made solution for these companies and implement it in the end.
We are a one stop solution provider! From planning to development or customisation of our software modules, delivery and installation of hardware components to the launch is made by primtec.

Retail, Consumer & Media

RAAY Real Estate

RAAY Real Estate (RAAY RE) is a company founded in 2019 by Datarella, an established blockchain solution provider, Hammer AG, a commercial property owner and manager and WERTGRUND Immobilien AG, a residential property manager. 

The company is headquartered in Munich and managed by its CEO Mr. Yukitaka Nezu with the goal to tokenize real estate assets according to German law.

Financial & Insurance Services


Sanostro specialises in the standardisation, collection, recombination, audit and sale of quantitative investment intelligence, sourced from established quant managers and resold to institutional investors.

Transport & Logistics

SIA Kedeon Solutions

Kedeon makes the food cold chain more secure, transparent and trusted. It provides a solution that protects the brand image and reputation of the involved parties and helps to boost consumer trust and confidence. It helps to prevent the major health risks from food spoilage that are caused by cold chain temperature breaches during the delivery of perishable food products. 

The platform utilizes purpose-built IoT sensors that enable real-time monitoring and alerts, as well as transparent delivery information to end-consumers.

Financial & Insurance Services

Smart Shaped S.r.l.

Smart Shaped S.r.l. is a start-up established in 2015 with the mission to facilitate enterprise software development by making it faster, easier, and more accessible by improving and capitalizing AstraKode, a low-code development and life-cycle management platform, specialized on blockchain technology.

Smart Shaped supports companies to cope with technology changes providing tailored innovative solutions that respond to the customers’ needs and guide them towards a successful digital transformation. 

Smart Shaped’s close-knit team shares values and key principles like knowledge sharing, experiential learning, continuous applied research, and learning from diversity which allow the company to achieve excellence, growth and satisfaction.

Retail, Consumer & Media

SpeCtre Internet Solutions Ltd.

SpeCtre is a software company, operating successfully since 2010, that features a team of experienced and skilled software engineers. The company aims to provide custom, innovative, software solutions built according to the latest “state of the art” software trends.

SpeCtre has been a trusted partner of numerous businesses around the world over the last decade offering web & mobile development services, R&D services (blockchain, semantic web) as well as software consulting services .

Retail, Consumer & Media


Staxe is a Fintech/DeFi project whose mission is to generate economic opportunities in the live and creative industries by deploying blockchain & Decentralized Finance technologies. 

Our solutions serve both live and creative professionals (as a new and efficient financing source), as well as businesses and qualified investors who wish to have direct investment exposure to a specific or a group of live/creative productions (ie. live concerts, cultural events & festivals, performing arts, ESports, Virtual Events & more). 

In short, Staxe’s engine matches businesses and qualified investors with creative professionals and provides them with the technological framework through which to negotiate, agree on terms & conditions and

Transport & Logistics


SVMAC designs and manufactures autonomous and multipurpose platform, specially designed for agroforestry applications, capable of operating in complex orography and high inclination. With a high mobility and reduced volume, it allows the coupling of a great amount of tools for the integral management of the crop.

Social Good


We enable communities to set up peer-to-peer monetary incentives and gamified rewards from pooled funds, increasing engagement and lowering administrative costs. 

The incentives, or rewards as we like to call them, are governed by communal voting and controlled by an API. Use cases include gamified payments, peer-to-peer lending, donations and saving. We currently offer a Slack app and a Drupal integration is coming soon as part of the Blockpool program.  

Retail, Consumer & Media

Trigenia S.r.l.

Trigenia is one of the most dynamic Energy Service Company (ESCo) in Italy. The main strengths of the group are their quickly developing activity, the partnership made with international companies and a close relationship with such key local institutions as the Polytechnic University of Turin, the Department of Energy, and the Innovation Hubs of the Piedmont Region. 

Working with companies in national and international contexts has always oriented Trigenia toward an innovative approach. This attitude, which has become tough throughout the years, encourages our engineers and advisors in proposing our Clients advanced solutions in compliance with the best recent practices.

The main aim of Trigenia is making companies more competitive by planning the highest performance solutions in terms of energy consumption and energy management: Trigenia supports its customers through a complete process, providing services that include energy audits, financing, design, installation, industry 4.0 projects, operational management and maintenance of the technical equipment. Besides, thanks to a team made up of high qualified advisors, Trigenia realizes projects which enable companies to obtain grants given by the local, national and European Institutions.