AAA Efficiency AG

The E-Generators developed by AAA Efficiency (AAA) open up one of the greatest opportunities of the 21st century. With the proven and patented electric solution, AAA Efficiency already produces clean energy from an inlet pressure of 0.5 bar and is striving to become one of the largest decentralized energy producers.

AAA offers several competitive advantages:

  • 10 years of research and development.
  • More than 10 submitted patents (property right in a multitude of countries) and further pending patents secure the know-how.
  • Enormous CO2 savings – one E-Generator saves up to 26,000 t CO2 in its lifespan.
    With 2.3 cent production costs for electricity per kWh cheaper than other renewable energies.

AAA E-Generators are multinational-patented (conversion of thermal energy —of any kind- into mechanical and/or electrical energy using a rotary piston blower), approved and tested in German productions for their industrial suitability. Furthermore, they are built by renowned plant manufacturers. The development costs of this climate-neutral power generation up to series production already amounted to approx. 10 million Euro.


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Blockchain Solution Description

The Blockchain technology, which distributes information in a fully digital and transparent way without the possibility of manipulating or copying data, offers 100% transparency for investors. The investor has the opportunity to participate in a highly efficient CO2-neutral power generation from waste heat and steam with patented and field-tested E- Generators.

The E-Generators are designed to be “fail-safe”, as they do not interfere with the production processes, but are only connected to the production process of the waste heat flow or steam reduction. This means that in the event of a fault, the valve to the E-Generator is immediately closed and production continues unaffected. The production process is not affected. Nevertheless, all E-Generators are insured against production stoppages of the site owners/production companies that occur due to a malfunction of the AAA E-Generators.

The AAA E-Generators will be equipped with several sensors, in particular to document production data via a proprietary blockchain solution and thus to tokenize CO2 certificates based on the documented power generation data per machine in a legally compliant and real-time manner. The use of blockchain and the conception of a software solution created especially for AAA Efficiency AG, results in a complete documentation of measurement data for each machine, so that in addition to a display of real-time data, the entire history of data collected are stored immutably. The documented production data can be viewed by all investors in the AAA Efficiency AG investor portal. There, investors will also have access to the allocated CO2 certificates and AAA tokens. Well-known and globally active partners will be responsible for the economic, legal and fiscal accounting of electricity production, led by WTS. The tokenization of the CO2 certificates will be handled by the blockchain expert and technology partner micobo GmbH.

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Team Members Brief Description

Kai-Norman Knötsch 

Many years in business management in the raw materials and energy sector after graduating in economics and international experience in Asia and USA.

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Marcus König

Gained more than 25 years of experience in the energy sector in various management positions in different countries with dynamic tasks and responsibilities. whether in transmission and distribution, fossil fuel generation or most recently in the construction of hybrid power plants, he has always excelled with success. His professional development has been strongly shaped by his team members, aiding him to grow in perspective and leadership. For the last five years, he has been sharing his expertise as a consultant.

Jochen Oelmann 

Business studies at Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU), many years of experience in the capital sector, including as Managing Director Sales in investment companies, board member in the venture capital sector. Father of four school children.

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Corinna Ebel

Lawyer and member of directors. Significant experience in inter- national management and entrepreneur in the area of technical solutions.