WeSmart (trade name) – AI4 (company name)

AI4 (trade name: WeSmart) is a committed company, bringing together a team of employees with a high degree of expertise in managing complex data and a strong commitment to serve worthwhile causes.
We have decided to focus on using data to solve the environmental problems, in particular in the field of energy, climate change and the sustainable city.
AI4 proposes in particular :

  • predictive intelligence software applied to energy and mobility, gathered on the WeSmart platform
  • a tailor-made consulting offer from data scientists specialising in energy, mobility and logistics

The WeSmart platform enables in-depth analysis of energy data, from mobility, logistics, in particular data from the Internet of Things. Collection, data analysis and interpretation allows for more intelligent resource management.
WeSmart targets the B2B market in the industrial, logistics, real estate and utilities.

Our goal is to continue the development of the software system by further developing the predictive features based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), and to enhance the predictive the support of customers around our platform by our data scientists.
We have placed a strong emphasis on the technological core, namely the development of R&D and intellectual property.


Energy, Utilities & Raw Materials


Blockchain Solution Description

The DLT would be used by the WeSmart platform for the following 3 features :

  1. Decentralized adoption of the rules of the community : Consensus around (A) allocation keys and (B) option in/out of of the community.
  2. Storage of the contrats between the participant of the community and the community manager (PPA = power purchase agreement).
  3. Monitoring of the local energy flows (log of the energy exchanges) based on which accounting and settlement is operated.DLT will add Trust between the participants of the community and between those participants and the community manager.9 h 35

WeSmart is currently contracting a belgium blockchain development company – block0 (www.block0.io), the technological supplier – who will provide DLT development technical support to the WeSmart platform for the 3 above mentionned points. Block0 is a leading belgian actor of blockchain technology developments and is currently active through 2 H2020 programs : Blockchers and BlockIS.

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Team Members Brief Description

François Bordes

François is a graduate engineer from Ecole Polytechnique (Paris) and Ecole des Mines (Paris). He was the energy-climate advisor to the French Minister of Ecology, then Vice President in charge of sustainable development at Capgemini. With his experience in consulting, he decided to become an entrepreneur and founded WeSmart. He is passionate about energy issues, artificial intelligence and data science.

Adrien Auroux 
Web developer and UX designer

Adrien has a strong expertise in web interface design combined with a full-stack developer know-how which allows him to develop the front-end part of the WeSmart platform.

Theo Vanneuville
Data scientist

Theo is a graduate of CentraleSupelec; he is specialized in SIR (Interactive Systems and Robotics), machine learning, signal processing and robotics. He has led several projects in artificial intelligence, IOT, and large-scale data engineering on clusters and clouds.
Thibaut Piraux, Product Owner Digital Platform
Thibaut holds a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics Engineering. He has worked on various B2B & B2C software solutions and has developed innovative software using simulation, Big Data and machine learning techniques. He is passionate about the challenges of energy and mobility and their impact on people’s lives.

Karina Schivre
Marketing and administrative assistant

Karina holds a master’s degree in international business as well as a master’s degree in foreign languages. She has been working for WeSmart for a few months now and has 20 years of professional experience. Versatility, attention, management and communication skills are some of her assets.