Caelum Labs

Caelum Labs is a blockchain research & development company focused on decentralized, privacy, and identity solutions. Our mission is to improve the internet and computing by working on the field of digital identity and privacy ready solutions. Now we are building LORENA


Government & Smart Cities


Blockchain Solution Description

Our company is building LORENA an interoperable framework for privacy by design self- sovereign identities (SSI), where SSI is not a closed model of identity, but a vision of how identities should be constructed; with total ownership and control of the identity by the user, with interoperability between Blockchain technologies while offering secure messaging and automatic process between identities, and protecting the end-users ’ privacy.
On the other side, our product Lorena is designed to provide a decentralized and autonomous global identity over P2P secure and private communication channels. Organizations and individuals alike can create, deliver, and manage safely VCs.

Team Members Brief Description

Alex Puig 
Caelum Labs CTO. Founder of Alastria, Co-Chair at INATBA Identity WG, UNECE Blockchain Advisor, NGI Ambassador, and ESSIF tech advisor.

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Sandra Cavero
CEO. Background in digital strategic communications, and digital project management

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Chuck LeDuc
Engineering Lead

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Josep Maria Boixeda
I+D Development

Albert Valverde 
Blockchain DevOps engineer

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Javi Santos 
Full-stack Developer

Diego Torres
Product strategy focused on product development

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Silvia Barredo
Events, and marketing responsibilities. Setting up our strategy for partnerships and community

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Ingrid Correa

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