Datarella GmbH

Datarella is an established provider of Industrial Blockchain Solutions. The company was founded in 2013 with its headquarter in Munich. Datarella develops bespoke Blockchain-based innovations for and with their clients and partners. The Company offers a full range of consulting, development and implementation services for complex Blockchain solutions.


Social Good


Blockchain Solution Description

Traceable Donations (TD) is an innovative donation platform that leverages the advantages of blockchain to bring efficiency, transparency, and trust into the world of donations. This is done by introducing the Impact Coin (IC) an ERC20 based token. By converting donations into IC all transactions on TD these donations become transparent. This allows donors to reconstruct the usage of IC the moment it is minted, transferred to-, and burned from an NGO to transfer it back into the national currency. Donors will be granted full transparency on how the small percentage transaction fee is used for providing the platform service. Moreover, it will be possible to earn IC by promoting projects. IC also increases efficiency by eliminating the irrational high costs of international bank transfers through our Wirecard crypto/fiat gateway. This will make it possible for everyone to donate directly minor amounts, which everybody can afford.

Team Members Brief Description

Michael Reuter

Michael Reuter is a serial entrepreneur who incorporates an extraordinary structured way of problem solving, business judgement and passion for building of new businesses. Michael possesses 25 years of experience in building companies and cross-functional strategy, innovation, and transformation programs. He sold his last business, app development agency AppAdvisors, to Bertelsmann. Michael leads Datarella GmbH by building and expanding its competencies as a blockchain solution provider for data driven digital transformation.

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Kira Nezu
CPO and cofounder of Datarella GmbH

Kira is an experienced product developer who can clearly think through a product from its concept, user experience, design to overall functionality. Over the last 20 years she has realized numerous interactive design projects. Her experience in creating web and mobile applications ensure products are usable. Prior to her role at Datarella she founded and led app development agency AppAdvisors, which she sold to Bertelsmann.

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Philipp Kothe

Philipp Kothe is a young ambitious blockchain consultant with a strong focus on the business side. He is passionate about exploring the business opportunities “”programmable money”” offers and designing token economies. During his bachelor’s studies in International Management, he focused on marketing, where he discovered gamification as a powerful tool to create user engagement. In his Bachelor’s thesis, Philipp was researching the benefits blockchain technology offers for the platform business model. He deepened his blockchain knowledge through an MIT Sloan Executive Program. In his professional career, he also gained entrepreneurial experience while founding a premium dog-food company during an internship in Guatemala.

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