DBE Core Ltd

DBE Core Ltd is an ecosystem company startup, solving the decades long problem of information exchange between companies. DBE Core provides the Core Platform (Network as a Service) to share supply chain documents between buyers and suppliers – started from purchase order, order confirmation and purchase invoices, continuing for logistics messages. The service is powered by Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain technology. Core Platform connects systems of companies to each other in a new exact way, also by using Core Portal as a user interface to Core Platform. (see video)


It has become globally evident that we need a new level of real-time information solidity in-between companies, and the solution should be distributed, not centralized. The global business potential of automating today’s manual email-based business processes in-between companies can be calculated in tens of Billions Euros. The problem is also generic across industries and public sector. The Core Platform solution is based on extensive research, being the first generic Network as a Service (NaaS) ever made; providing neutrality, trust, and enables continuous seek for efficiency in various fields, as our Blockpool project demonstrates.


Transport & Logistics


Blockchain Solution Description

AirCargo E2E Project target is to make an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to show how to establish a BDLT network for air cargo logistics chain to assure End-to-End Compliance of goods (export of goods, salmon, medical, etc.). A tool for that is creating electronic AirWayBill (eAWB) in CVT platform by exporters, to be then shared through Core Platform. Using DBE Core platform layer under CVT (ClearViewTrade) Denmark, export service portal, we aim later to provide solid End-to-End compliant data for authorities EU, local tax, customs and all actors in logistic chain, to have total immutable view on each export item status (size, temperature, location etc). Both of these services exist already, but we aim to integrate them with this funding. The solution is then generic, and distributed via FSBC as a result.

Core Blockchain itself stores all business transactions safely with a timestamp, in line with GDPR. Your transactions are shared with your business partners by public keys. You always own your own data, and you can open it for third parties real-time. Core API integration builds interoperability between your ERP system and your customers, suppliers, finance and third parties. All transactions will be validated to secure high quality of data.

Core Platform combines API and Blockchain technologies in a unique trusted way to build ecosystem digitalization. Core Platform is built on best technology and standards Core platform is using the standards required by the EU Commission and global business. We use and support open technology to secure lifelong services to the Digital Business Ecosystem as DBE Core. Our research has done long term development with OASIS UBL (Universal Business Language), PEPPOL (Pan European Public Procurement On-Line) and Linux Foundation (Hyperledger). We collaborate in best technologies and develop the future architecture together with key business brands in the world.

Core Platform security, operations and maintenance is powered by TeliaCygate (Telia). The technical solution is built with TeliaCygate with hands-on experts having 3-year experience of industrial Blockchain development. High security is the foundation of everything. Our Core Platform operations rely on over 400 top experts with nearly 600 IT-certifications and 24/7 operations to ensure the continuity and agile development of your business. The partnership with TeliaCygate brings the best experts and the world’s leading technologies to your service.

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Team Members Brief Description

Karri Mikkonen, Dr. Tech., COO

Linkedin Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/karri-mikkonen-dr-tech-7b030/

Tomi Dahlberg
Professor, CFO, Chairman of the Board

Linkedin Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tomi-dahlberg-9484a724/

Mika Lammi

Linkedin Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikalammi/

Karri Lahtinen,
B.A.Sc., Director Sales and Delivery

Linkedin Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/karri-lahtinen-329a222/

Hannu Kivinen,
M.Sc., Sales Assistant & IT Support 

Linkedin Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hannu-kivinen-679a96197/