Green b2e business to Energy

GREENNOVATION is an innovative project that combines renewable energy, sustainability and new technologies which can be extrapolated to any product or company.

Our main goal is to support companies and institutions to achieve a sustainable future. Using blockchain technology, we developed a platform that allows users to assess and keep track of the Energy produce by mean of renewable energy and the emissions of CO2 avoided due to efficiency management actions implemented in a company.


Energy, Utilities & Raw Materials


Blockchain Solution Description

We install a monitoring system capable of sending data to our blockchain platform. After receiving this information, the platform will make use of internal algorithms to convert and certify the emissions and the equivalent quantity of CO2 that was not emitted due to the implementation of renewable energies.

Later on, this amount of CO2 will be turned into digital tokens, allowing companies and institutions to spend it in regulated and secondary markets. Additionally, other types of surpluses measured in kWh could also be certified and therefore transformed exchangeable tokens.

GREENNOVATION platform combines renewable energy, sustainability and new technologies that empowers consumers to participate in a decentralized energy and CO2 market, valorizing their energy surpluses and CO2 savings by applying blockchain technology

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Team Members Brief Description

Verónica Rodríguez 
CEO of Greenb2e

Is the CEO of Greenb2e and she started 3 year ago the innovation project in the therd call to Bankia Fintech por Innsomnia. She got that both entities -with the financing of the Valencian Colectual-, carried out a POC in a solar pumping installation in the municipality of Argamasilla de Alba. As a chief executive officer, se creacet several projects comining engineering and technological innovative companies for payment and digital loyalty.

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Miguel Pelegero
COO of Greenb2e

has a extensive experience in the energy sector, being leader of teams for medium ang big companies the last 20 years. He carry out the first aproximation and implementation of the greennovation to agricultural projects, and was part of the first commercialitazion actions with Bankia. He has actively participated in regional, national and international projects in his stage as Director of Operations of the Technological Institute of Energy, among which are the following: within the “Water-Energy Binomial” program, the development of an intrusive mobile equipment for the determination of the performance of asynchronous motors “in collaboration with the Aguas de Valencia Group, the realization of the project management and its subsequent verification to the final clients, as well as the direction and planning of energy audits in wells and WWTP of Horta Nord. And Sud for the company EGEVASA.

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Jorge Gisbert
CTO of Greenb2e

is an Industrial Engineer, specialized in energy, He have developed his entire career in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sector. He have been working in the development and management of wind, solar and energy efficiency projects for more than ten years, from the negotiation phase and initial proposal to its implementation, carrying out planning, development and monitoring tasks both technically and economically, budgets and hiring, coordination and relationship with suppliers and customers.

Mariola Guarinos
Junior Project Manager

Specialized in renewable energies, and specially self-comsultion projects. As practices of the master’s degree in the department of hydraulic generation of Iberdrola, she participated in the design, and economic and environmental evaluation of the Batanejo mini-hydroelectric plant. After obtaining the IVACE Exterior 2017 scholarship, developed at the Bornay wind turbines company, it carried out internationalization and market opening actions in Latin America and the U.S. obtaining the development of several rural electrification projects and the signing of a photovoltaic project with TOTAL GLOBAL Bolivia for the Incahuasi project.

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