Morfin is a token issuing platform for micro economies, offering a gamification layer on top of the financial layer. Use cases include employee engagement and rewards, family financial management and education or customer engagement and rewards. External integrations include public blockchains, video games and time management systems. Each micro economy has an issuer, a pool of consumers and an optional pool of partners. The issuer can create tokens, tasks and rewards. The issuer distributes the currency to the consumers, and redeems it against money or rewards. The consumers can earn, receive, send or spend tokens. The partners can sell goods or services for tokens to the consumers and redeem the tokens for money from the issuer.


Financial & Insurance Services


Blockchain Solution Description

The tokens used as medium of exchange and unit of account in each micro economy instance. When tokens are redeemable against money, they will be issued on the public blockchain. Other gamification elements like badges are also issued on the blockchain for portability across different micro economies or partners.

Team Members Brief Description

Vlad Centea

21+ years of experience in IT / 14 years of experience in Luxembourg finance / Delivery Project Executive with IBM PSF (financial IBM branch) / Nominated for Tech Talent of the Year in 2019 (2nd place) / co-founded

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Paul Mijoiu

21 years in IT software development, data processing (for UN), blockchain. founded Diginesis in 1996 along side with Ionut Negru to work on IT solutions (ERP/CRM, SaaS,IoT) / he builds his own drones and together with Ionut and built successful products (hardware and software) for film making industry (like Intelli-g)

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Ionut Negru

21 years software development. Owns a company building ERP software, large e-commerce portals and IOT. Ionut is an AI and Machine Learning and blockchain specialist Entrepreneur for 15 years built trading and blockchain tools

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