Motoblockchain is the Digital Identity platform for motorcycles and riders: we digitalize the history of the motorcycles and we use Blockchain to guarantee his immutability in time. The aim of MBC is to provide a privacy by design platform able to create trustworthiness between motorcycle owners. From one side we designed the technological architecture able to create the Motorcycle Digital Identity, while for the other side we want to offer completely decentralized Self Sovereign Identity services for users and motorcycles. We solve the problem of asymmetry of the information described by George Akerlof in “The Market for Lemons: Quality Uncertainty and the Market Mechanism” (Nobel Prize 2001).

The asymmetry of information problem applied in the motorcycle second hand market generates three main problems:

  1. Lack of trust between buyer and seller
  2. Low average motorcycle price: also if the motorcycle is in perfect conditions
  3. Low or null value of motorcycles accessories and modifications

Motoblockchain offers a Motorcycle Digital Identity based on privacy by design and DLT technologies: it collects the documentation about the history of the motorcycles and stores it into Blockchain, while giving to the user full control over it in a full GDPR compliant system. With Motoblockchain, owners can save all the information related with motorcycle’s life into Blockchain: owner’s history, mileage in time, invoices and money invested in modifications, accessories, improvements, revisions, as well as all the photos of the related components. Every user can decide the level of privacy of each document, he can decide with whom to share it and finally he can use it to create trust with the buyer so generating added value during the sales process. The Digital Identity created is inherited by the new owner after that the motorcycle sales ends. On top of that, we are integrating a SSI architecture able to offer SSI services cross-chain for users and motorcycles.
We can help the entire ecosystem in protecting the ownership of the information, in avoiding the asymmetry of the information, in creating trusted relationship, in generating value from the information, in avoiding frauds and in protecting user and motorcycle data.
We bring distributed trust, thanks to large scale decentralization and data integrity.


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Blockchain Solution Description

Motoblockchain technical architecture is divided into two different development steps, only the first one is part of Blockpool program:

A) Motorcycle Digital Identity:

The aim of the Digital Identity is to create a Motorcycle Digital identity in the Blockchain that is unique for each motorcycle and not replicable. It is used to mirror the ownership transfer happening in the real world, so it must be transferrable between motorcycle seller and new buyer. We store in our platform all the documentation provided by the user and we collect it into certificates that later on are hashed into the blockchain token generated.We use Ethereum Blockchain and a non-fungible token-based ERC-721 architecture. We create wallet for each user and we transmit the Digital Identity ownership thanks to a transaction between wallets. We still analyzing the possibility to save the Blockchain certificates into IPFS in order to provide additional decentralization contribution to our platform.

B) Self Sovereign identity:

This second layer of SSI technology will be added later on and it is not part of Blockpool program development. We plan to integrate a SSI identity technology that is able to interoperate with different Blockchains and that is designed to provide completely decentralized SSI services aiming to provide zero knowledge proof applications. The motorcycle Digital Identity will be integrated into the SSI technology that will add user SSI services.

NOTE: The investigation process still ongoing, so the final architecture implemented could be different form the one
described above

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Team Members Brief Description

Simone Brighina
CEO & Co-Founder of Motoblockchain

Business and entrepreneur, he is the mind of the project and lead it, he designs the roadmap, he creates partnership and he is also a motorcycle circuit rider, so he is the first interested customer of Motoblockchain.
• He Worked in automotive & technology sectors for more than 20 years.
• He is a Blockchain enthusiast, motorcycle rider, used to go to circuit with a race motorcycle fully modified.
• In 2014 he took the Postgraduate in “Agile project and product development” with IEBS Business School
• In order to better lead development teams using Agile methodologies, he tooks the PSM I Certification (20199 and PSPO I certification (2020) : he is now Professional Scrum Master and Professional scrum Product Owner certified.

• Together with Carlos Callejo, Simone Brighina is part of the Woonkly Social Team who won the “Most scalable startup project” prize in EU Convergence Blockchain Global Conference Challenge 2019. The teams now waiting to go to EU Commision in Brussels to present the project to EU commission and go for H2020 social founding.
• He presented Motoblockchain Project at the EU Convergence Blockchain Global Conference 2019.
• He presented Motoblockchain project and he was part of the Blockchain round table at the CIBTC Blockchain
Summit Motril 2019.

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Manuela Del Romano
CMO & SMM & Co-Founder of Motoblockchain

She is a copywriter and marketing specialist, she is an expert in motorcycle blog content creation and in Social Network Marketing and Management.
• She will lead RRSS Marketing and Crowdfunding campaigns in Motoblockchain.
• She is founder of “Rame e Dintorni”.
• She is actually working on the BeBioCosmEthic project.

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Carlos Callejo
CEO of Block Impulse, a Blockchain Development Company

Block Impulse is a Blockchain Consulting and Development Company acting as Digital Transformation Partner. Block Impulse is focused on asset traceability with GENESIS 4.0 and the launch of regulated STOs such as the TCC Dominicana project.
• He is an expert in Blockchain development project leading a company with several developer able to cover different Blockchain and development technologies.
• He will be leading the Blockchain development and integration working closely with Alberto Carmona Sanchez as main developer
• Carlos Callejo is Academic Director of the Master in “Applied Blockchain: Programming, Taxation and Cryptoeconomics” at the European University Miguel de Cervantes de Valladolid.
• He is founder of the “Valladolid Blockchain Community”, where a cryptocurrency called VaCoin (VLL) has been created to encourage community participation.
• He is a meetup organizer for events aimed to make Blockchain known and understandable to everyone.
• He participated as speaker in several talks and events, such Crypto Plaza, in Valladolid and around Spain.

• Director of the Master in Applied Blockchain certified by the European University Miguel de Cervantes and the RSK Company. The fourth edition starts in March 2020.
• Together with Simone Brighina, he is part of the Woonkly Social Team who won the “Most scalable startup project” prize in EU Convergence Blockchain Global Conference Challenge 2019. The teams now waiting to go to EU Commision in Brussels to present the project to EU commission and go for H2020 social founding.

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Alberto Carmona Sanchez
Blockchain Developer in Block Impulse

He is an expert Blockchain developer and Hyperledger specialist.
• He can translate business requirements into functional specifications to launch and improve innovative initiatives.
• He leads customer centric initiatives in order to validate ideas, designs, prototypes and working software with real users. He also worked as analyst in banking sector.
• He will be in charge to the development of the Blockchain API and architecture

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Alessandro Buzzi
CEO of Iabaduu, Technology Provider –

Iabaduu is a web development company focused on enterprises that offer services in different verticals:
• Cloud migration
• Web Development
• App Development
• CRM implementation and customization
• Online invoicing
• Digital Transformation
• He is a project manager focused on web-based application delivery.
• He is an expert in business process reengineering and management of application development, as well as in CRM and Accounting system development.
• He is a digital signature specialist and a SiSS consultant.
• He will be in charge to migrate our platform to AWS cloud.

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