We are a trade finance platform for SMEs importers/exporters backed by blockchain technology (R3 Corda). We help SMEs exporters who are suffering long payment terms from large importers with no alternative solution from their banks of home market and SMEs importers who do not have sufficient capital to pay advance payment to their suppliers from overseas. 

We work with R3 Corda on verifying the authenticity of the cross-border trade invoices and letter of credits as well as speeding up the payment decision to exporters/importers helping them to eliminate account receivables and Improve their working capital positions. We are also moving risk across by selling the account receivables digital assets to the capital markets by doing securitisation (Performing Loan Assets).


Financial & Insurance Services


Blockchain Solution Description

A Trade Finance Documents Verification Solution Powered by Blockchain.

Team Members Brief Description

Kenneth Ma

Experience in VC and PE, Corporate and Commercial Banking (JP Morgan, GE Capital) in London. 

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Dmitry Moskalets

Experienced software programmer and security specialist at UBS Investment Bank and HSBC. 

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Nanding Li
Credit Risk Manager

Background in Credit, Accounts Payable and Treasury.  Experience at World First UK Ltd  and Ant Financial as Credit Underwriting Manager. 

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Andrius Skirkevicius
Client Relationship Manager

Previous experience in Western Union. 

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