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Parity Platform is a tech SME that develops web and mobile apps to accelerate transition to cleaner energy. The company is developing LOADER, an EV charging station management app in cooperation with, a company that installs of EV charging station in Greece. The app is used to manage multiple charging stations in Attica Region, Greece. Previously the SME developed a platform that streamlines incorporation, financing and administration of Energy cooperatives, utilized by Good Energy Cooperative in Greece. Parity has received financial support from The People’s Trust and EIT Climate KIC and participates in Be finnovative 3.0, a program implemented by National Bank of Greece


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Blockchain Solution Description

Loader is a platform for securely managing data related to Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (“EVCS”) transactions. It offers transparency for station availability and charge fees in real time, while it allows users to reserve charging stations in time slots in the future. Users can initiate and pay for charging sessions via their mobile phone. Owners of public charging stations use LOADER to attract more drivers, monetize their stations and streamline transactions. The app is built is interoperable across charging stations from different manufacturers and enables drivers to find, charge and compare prices in stations through a single app. App utilizes a permissioned distributed ledger protocol to offer enhanced privacy and encryption features and allow drivers to disseminate minimum private information to third parties during EVCS transactions.

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Team Members Brief Description

Dr. Vassilis Karavas

has over 20 years of experience in alternative investments, clean energy projects and e-mobility. He has managed multi-asset institutional portfolios between $1-2B, has setup new ventures, and has participated in private investments focused in decarbonization globally. Vassilis was previously Managing Director for various international financial institutions in banking and asset management. He is a partner and major shareholder of an energy development company Aries Power that has been awarded Phase 1 and 2 funding for a renewable microgrid in the state of New York.
Vassilis has a BSc (Hons), and MSc in Engineering, a Ph.D. in Management Science with specialization in Finance and Artificial Intelligence from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and an MBA from the University of Oxford. He research projects related to predictive algorithms for EV charging transactions and charging station availability.

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Christos Stefanatos

holds a MSc in Mechanical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens and has passed Chartered Financial Analyst Lvl 2 exam. Christos worked for EuroEnergy SA a member of Libra Group, where he monitored Solar Plants of 81 MW in total capacity. Within Parity Platform he has successfully managed the development of an Energy Community management application that streamlines the incorporation, funding and admin process for Energy Cooperatives and in now managing developement of LOADER software. Christos has been selected as Kairos EU fellow in 2019

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