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Originally founded in 2005 as RFIDInnovations, primtec has many years of technical experience in providing a wide range of complete solutions in automation, logistics, track & trace and inventory.
We optimise company processes based on proven and also cutting-edge technologies, such as RFID, barcode, IoT, machine learning, computer vision and many more.
Based on individual enquiry of our customers, we will be pleased to consult them and design a tailor-made solution for these companies and implement it in the end.
We are a one stop solution provider! From planning to development or customisation of our software modules, delivery and installation of hardware components to the launch is made by primtec.


Government & Smart Cities


Blockchain Solution Description

Blockchain and NFC technology guarantee complete transparency of all services in smart cities.
The city administration, public institutions, companies and residents are brought to a common platform in order to make as many services as possible usable for residents and the administration.

Each relevant object is made uniquely identifiable by labeling it with an NFC transponder. Each of these transponders has the crypto function and can thus sign a transaction for the blockchain. This ensures that every interaction with the object in question is recorded in an unchangeable and secure manner and can be queried from the blockchain. Thanks to clear object identification, the information is tamper-proof and provides proof and documentation of any service or inspection. This data is then stored on a decentralised platform and can be viewed by everyone at any time.
The automated digital verification and consequential transparency ensures legal certainty for all parties. No separate, possibly contestable proof is required from the service technician, since all transactions are recorded in the blockchain.

So the administration or public sector company can ensure that regular maintenance intervals have actually been observed and the objects are operational and that legal standards are complied with.
Additionally, this group saves time and so labour costs, since the verification of the processes is automated. At the same time the quality standard rises due to less handling errors. The service technician can prove his activity on the individual object and also guarantee that it is the correct object.
The end user has the certainty that the service has been carried out correctly and by a certified specialist. Any process is transparent.

As a result, the entry hurdle for new service offers is reduced for administration and service providers or suppliers and, through the fundamental decision to offer at all, the offer in the Smart City as a whole is more diverse.

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Team Members Brief Description

Claus Flaig
Assistant to CEO