Smart Shaped S.r.l.

Smart Shaped S.r.l. is a start-up established in 2015 with the mission to facilitate enterprise software development by making it faster, easier, and more accessible by improving and capitalizing AstraKode, a low-code development and life-cycle management platform, specialized on blockchain technology.

Smart Shaped supports companies to cope with technology changes providing tailored innovative solutions that respond to the customers’ needs and guide them towards a successful digital transformation. 

Smart Shaped’s close-knit team shares values and key principles like knowledge sharing, experiential learning, continuous applied research, and learning from diversity which allow the company to achieve excellence, growth and satisfaction.


Financial & Insurance Services


Blockchain Solution Description

Smart Shaped has been passionate about the BlockChain topic since its foundation, but it was in 2017 that it began to dedicate actively to it by working on real blockchain projects. The acquired skills, together with the consolidated skills related to Low-Code, and the modelling of software in general, the true DNA of the company, allowed Smart Shaped to elaborate a solution to potentiate AstraKode, its own low-code platform for enterprise software development and lifecycle management that offers a high degree of customization and easy integration with existing/incremental software.

Smart Shaped designed three mechanisms to include blockchain into AstraKode, specifically:

  1. a) Blockchain creator: web based AstraKode module for the creation and management of blockchain networks. Within the module, a combination of guided processes (wizards) and low-code graphical configuration will allow the creation of a personalized blockchain network.

Open source permissioned blockchain implementations such as Hyperledger Fabric and Corda will be used as they are better suited for business purposes and have a set of operational rules defined via smart contract.

  1. b) Low-Code Smart Contract Development: development and integration of a module for the creation and management of smart contracts. Within AstraKode IDE we already provide a low-code development environment for the creation of enterprise software. We plan to use the service/workflow creation part of the IDE as basis for this part of the solution.
  1. c) Uptake of existing blockchains: Plugins will be developed and made available in AstraKode, allowing to integrate the most popular private and permissioned blockchains in the application to be developed. Plugins will record the information on the external blockchains (write) and will create and maintain the corresponding data models with the IDE, thus enabling the application to interact with the blockchain as if it was a traditional database.

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Team Members Brief Description

Fabiano Izzo (male) 
CEO & Co-Founder

Fabiano is a self-motivated and passionate IT Expert with a master’s degree in Computer Science, Postgraduate Studies in Web Technologies, and eleven years of experience in various fields of the enterprise software development life-cycle: software analysis, enterprise solution design, software development, solution testing, tuning, delivery, project management.

He worked for several years as an IT consultant on major projects for different major companies in Italy and abroad (e.g. Thomson Reuters, Mediaset RTI, Engineering). These experiences allowed him developing important skills such as team working, communication and leadership, and above all an empathic approach towards colleagues and customers.

Fabiano co-founded Smart Shaped in 2015 driven by the desire to build a workplace where to combine what he cherishes the most: people, relationships, technology, quality, innovation.

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Lucio Menna (male)
CTO & Co-Founder, Senior Full-Stack Developer, Blockchain expert

Lucio has more than ten years’ experience in software development, with a predilection for new technologies. In line with the company’s new marketing strategies he is currently re-organizing AstraKode architecture to make it compliant with the DevOps approach. Recently he worked as coordinator and team leader to build a crypto exchange platform based on the bitcoin blockchain. In this occasion he was also responsible for the development of the bitcoin network connectors. During his career he worked with important clients such as Payotik and Engineering SPA acquiring a vast knowledge on the most used application servers (Jboss EAP, WebLogic, WebSphere), on AGILE methodologies (SCRUM) and on WEB technologies. In the latest months, Lucio has been working on a Hyperledger Fabric implementation project (document management) for one of Smart Shaped’s clients together with Damiano D’Amici.

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Damiano D’Amici (male)
Data & Business Analyst, Blockchain Developer

After receiving a BSc in Economics and Business at Utrecht University in 2014, he decided to continue his education in a more technological field. He gained a MSc in Data Analysis and Business Intelligence at Maastricht University (UM). After graduating with a thesis on collaborative (developer-user) software development, he returned to Italy to work for Smart Shaped Software. Following a training period on enterprise software development, he started working on the development of a crypto exchange platform. This allowed him to learn more about blockchain technologies and low-code development. After largely contributing to the redesign of the company’s website, more recently he has been working on the development of analytical tools for LEM, Smart Shaped’s software/project life-cycle management platform. As of late, together with Lucio Menna Damiano has been working on a Hyperledger Fabric implementation project (document management) for one of Smart Shaped’s clients.

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Cristian Di Febo (male)
AstraKode Software Architect

After pursuing a master’s degree in Computer Science and Postgraduate Studies in Web Technologies Cristian begun working as a Java Enterprise Developer. Then he progressed to the role of Analyst and following that experience he started his current role as Software Architect. During his career Cristian had the chance to work with several technologies that allowed him to become “strong and resilient” when faced with any technological challenge. Cristian has a broad experience across several platforms, and a solid knowledge of design/development applications and practices (main technologies: Object Oriented, Blockchain, Java, Web Services, Rest, Microservices, Cloud, DataBase, Angular, Javascript, Testing with HP UFT and HP ALM, BPM). His has been a heterogeneous working experience, having worked for public institutions (i.e. INPDAP), big companies (e.g. Q8 Petroleum and ENEL SPA). In the last months Christian has been expanding his knowledge on blockchain by collaborating on all the company’s related projects.

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Marco Paolini (male)
Business Developer and Social Media Advisor

After receiving a BSc in Economics and Management from University of Pescara-Chieti in 2018, he started a MSc in Economics and Management at the same university. During the first year of his master Marco and his group classified 1st in a business-case consulting project organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Chieti-Pescara together with Smart Shaped S.r.l. and the University G. D’Annunzio. Following this experience Marco decided to join Smart Shaped Software as a business developer. Marco has several previous experiences in sales and customer care positions (e.g. Auchan and BRT Corriere Espresso); now he is an expert in business planning and modelling. More recently Marco has been working on Smart Shaped’s new growth hacking marketing strategies and on the company’s social media communication.

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Francesco Bucci (male)
Principal Trainer and Machine Learning expert

After his MSc in Electronic Engineering (electronic computers), he began working as a Java software developer in a company of the Engineering group. After learning software development in the enterprise sector, he decided to expand his technical knowledge by working on the installation and configuration of network equipment for Selex. After a Master on Research in Photovoltaic Engineering, he worked as a researcher at Università di Roma Tor Vergata. Author of several scientific publications, he is an expert on neural networks (MLP, NARX) for the prediction of the output of photovoltaic systems. While researching at Tor Vergata Francesco acted as supervisor for several candidates in the BIM field. He now works as a software developer and principal trainer at Smart Shaped Software. IT expert, he is experienced in the following technologies: Eclipse, Oracle, MySQL, Matlab, Java, JEE, C++, UML, main ISO-OSI protocols.

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Giampietro Vavassori (male)
Co-Founder and Strategic Advisor, Mentor

Giampietro is an entrepreneur, analyst and IT expert with more than twenty years’ experience in the development of payment systems for the Italian banking market. He has thorough working knowledge of SWIFT FIN and Italian domestic RNI messaging standards, including payments. Such knowledge was used in designing and leading the development of several message dictionaries used within software products for automatic conversion and processing of SWIFT and RNI messages. Giampietro is a seasoned software architect with an extensive experience that spans across many different systems, from open source to legacy mainframe. He has experience in implementing complete payment solutions using both proprietary third-party frameworks as well as in-house solutions. He worked for many prestigious customers such as Intesa Sanpaolo, SIA, Capitalia, Banco Lariano, UBI, Cariplo, Banco Popolare and Montetitoli. Moreover, Giampietro is an expert in client-facing consultancy. His skills include pre-sales, business analysis and project management.

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Romeo Ridolfi (male)
Strategic Advisor & Co-founder, Analyst

After a long career as a product manager and IT architect in the financial sector, Romeo is now strategic consultant supporting the Smart Shaped team with his expertise. His role entails collaborating with the team to take strategic technical decisions and validate analytical processes. His in-depth knowledge of the payments industry and his natural communication and negotiation skills allowed him to successfully achieve many important national and international projects in which he played both analytical and managerial roles. Thus, he gained a peculiar perspective as he could appreciate the different issues associated to managerial and executive roles in software development. Romeo is both a functional and non-functional expert, his vast skillset is only matched by his will to better himself and the companies he works for.

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