Staxe is a Fintech/DeFi project whose mission is to generate economic opportunities in the live and creative industries by deploying blockchain & Decentralized Finance technologies. Our solutions serve both live and creative professionals (as a new and efficient financing source), as well as businesses and qualified investors who wish to have direct investment exposure to a specific or a group of live/creative productions (ie. live concerts, cultural events & festivals, performing arts, ESports, Virtual Events & more). In short, Staxe’s engine matches businesses and qualified investors with creative professionals and provides them with the technological framework through which to negotiate, agree on terms & conditions and


Retail, Consumer & Media


Blockchain Solution Description

Staxe coordinates, structures and tokenizes an upcoming live/creative production’s real productive assets – ie. – and sells these tokenized assets to businesses and qualified investors that wish to invest (own a stake or earn a fixed yield) or support (patronage/mecenazgo) one or more creative productions.
Our blockchain deployments range from Asset Tokenization to DeFi Applications with the mission of 1) providing a ‘trustless’ environment to coordinate and govern value flow and outcomes 2) Maximize money efficiency and potential profitability, and most importantly, 3) to enable investing at the production level (ie. stake in a standalone concert) instead of investing at the equity level (ie. shares of SME)

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Team Members Brief Description

Martin Liebrich
Co-founder & CTO
Computer Science Engineer with 20+ yrs experience in enterprise software solutions, IT consulting, systems design and architecture. Martin has co-founded 4 projects previous to Staxe 

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Luis Martinez
Co-founder & CEO

10+ yrs experience in fintech, banking, capital markets and venture capital. Specializes in Mechanism Design & Incentive systems. Head of Product Design and financial engineering. Luis has Co-founded three previous projects across USA, Mexico and Switzerland 

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Thomas Hug
Head of Engineering and Senior Full Stack Developer

Computer Science Engineer with 16+ yrs experience in architecture, design, software development and IT solutions. Head of development and DevOps, Smart Contracts. Entrepreneur with two previous founded projects 

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Saulo Morales
Marketing & PR Specialist

Digital Marketing Strategist and Public Relations 

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