We enable communities to set up peer-to-peer monetary incentives and gamified rewards from pooled funds, increasing engagement and lowering administrative costs. The incentives, or rewards as we like to call them, are governed by communal voting and controlled by an API. Use cases include gamified payments, peer-to-peer lending, donations and saving. We currently offer a Slack and a Drupal integration is coming soon as part of the Blockpool program.


Short-Food Supply Chain

The Netherlands

Blockchain Solution Description

Reward Pool A set of smart contracts holding the funds. This governance layer enables members to vote on reward sizes and approve reward distribution.

REST API + reputation

Enables apps to access reward pools. Reputation data is aggregated by measuring activity in the reward pools. This is grouped into constructs like “participation” and “loyalty”. Social software integrates (parts of) these concepts for reward rules to be triggered. Decentralized storage solutions (IPFS) are used to give members control over who can and can not access this data.

We researched this system; Landwehr, J. (2020) “Evaluation of reputation in the context of online social communities”. Further R&D is aimed to develop the UX and algorithms, all while preserving user privacy.


A progressive web dapp to set up and connect to reward pools. Holds your private keys to access Ethereum and side-chain balances. By scanning QR codes you claim your rewards.

Team Members Brief Description

We have a distributed four person team working from The Netherlands and Germany. Our team shares a passion for open source, UX and blockchain technology.

Mieszko Czyzyk
Business developer

Twelve years of experience in open source. As former co-CEO of Open Social lead its funding round at a €2M valuation. Involved with blockchain since 2013. Designed the THX tokenomics.

Jule Landwehr
UX Designer

Master in Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences.  Graduated with honors with research on reputation systems in online communities . Researches privacy and designs the user experience for THX.

Peter Polman
Software Engineer

Eleven years experience in software development with a focus on Javascript and Solidity. Architect of the THX ecosystem, designed and developed the smart contracts and tech stack.

Natasha Schön
Digital Marketer

Content manager and creative writer. Part of the 500 most talented under 26 in tech according to TheNextWeb and Accenture. Editor of the THX white paper.