17th – 18th September 2020


24th – 25th November 2020


24th – 25th February 2021


  • GUEST PRESENTATIONS: Top speakers will be invited to the boot camps to present their vision on the Blockchain and DLT ecosystem, update on recent technological advancements and trends and show successful business models.

  • MULTIDISCIPLINARY SESSIONS: Specific disciplines will be tackled during the boot camps adapted to the different sectors of the selected projects via the open call (financial and insurance services, energy, utilities and raw materials, transport and logistics, social good, industrial products, agriculture and manufacturing, government and smart cities, healthcare, retail, consumer and media).

  • HANDS-ON SESSIONS: Blockpool selected pilotswill be allocated specifictime and space to actually work and progress on the implementation of their project and service integration (technical, business, usability, security). Experts and Mentors will be around to be consulted and to resolve issues/questions.

  • TECH CHALLENGE: bootcamps will include high techsessions where participants will work to solve specific technological challenge as defined by organizers. All participating SMEs and startups will be invited to join these sessions, helping them to increase their knowledge on BDLT with a very practical approach.

  • ROUND TABLE: Key experts will sit together to discuss about different topics concerning Blockchain ecosystem. Selected Mentors (WP6) will be encouraged to take the role of facilitators and guide the discussion among interested participants.

  • NETWORKING AND CO-SHARING ACTIVITIES: The boot camp will include at least one networking activity oriented to give participants the chance to interact and know each other. Networking is something that can help awarded SMEs sharing their success and mistakes as well as reaching more clients, knowledge, and eventually attains business growth and increases the profits.