Webinar Series 1

Course 1: Principles of Disruptive Innovation

  • Sessions 1&2 (July 6): Video
  • Sessions 3&4 (July 8): Video
  • Sessions 5&6 (July 10): Video

Course 2: Emerging Topics and Practical Considerations in B&DLTs

  • Session 1 (July14): Video
  • Session 2 (July 17): Video

Course 3: Tokenization, Fintech and DeFi, Public and Alternative Sources of Finance for SMEs Learning Topics

  • Session 1 ( July 20): Video
  • Session 2 (July 22): Video
  • Session 3 (July 24): Video

Webinar Series 2

Course 1: Blockchain Technology

Learning Goals:

Game theoretical aspects of Blockchain Technology
What makes blockchain technology work?
General view of the risks associated with Blockchain Technology
Discuss the power of algorithms
Elaborate on the dimensions of public relevance algorithms that are affecting human discourse and knowledge
DAOs: Interesting consequences and potentials they offer
Discuss decentralized markets
Emergence of decentralized darknet markets

  • Session 1 (October5): Video
  • Session 2 (October9): Video

Course 2: Digital Currency Programming

Learning Goals:

Introduction to smart contracts programming
The Solidity programming language
Elements of Solidity programming
Lifecycle of smart contracts

  • Session 3 (October 15): Video
  • Session 4 (October 22): Video

Course 3: New EU funding programs and the future of Blockchain 2020-2030

Learning Goals:

Examine the Next Generation EU (NGEU) program
Presentation of the new period 21-27 EU program
Presentation of the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF)
In the next seven years the EU will inject more than 1.8 trillion euro into the European economy
Challenges, Trends and Risk for Blockchain in 2020-2030
The European Observatory Forum
Mission of the European Observatory Forum
The consortium of European Observatory Forum
Recent activities of the European Observatory Forum
European Observatory Forum Thematic reports

  • Sessions 5&6 (October19): Video
  • Session 7 (October 20): Video
  • Session 8 (October 23): Video